The Way Forward: A Roadmap for the Critical Work Ahead

We offer training, resources, and programs to power XYPN advisors through the 2020 market disruption and beyond.

CE Webinar: Social Security with Sterling Raskie

Wednesday, October 7, 2020 at 1pm MT

This course will provide an overview of Social Security and its impact on client retirement planning. Filing strategies will be covered in addition to special situations involving WEP, GPO, divorced spousal benefits, and disability.

CE Webinar: Using Form 1040 to Identify Financial Planning Needs and Opportunities with Jeff Rattiner

October 15, 2020 at 12pm MT

This session will help you discover why the Form 1040 is the best tool to meet with potential clients by allowing you to uncover client exposures and weaknesses. You’ll learn how to apply specific financial planning strategies to various disciplines in performing modular or comprehensive financial plans, and how to explain what the planning ramifications of each line item on the Form 1040 represent and the existing and future tax benefits. Advisors will learn how to navigate the Form 1040 to ensure that client objectives are being met, and be able to identify red flags and potential future problems that may arise if not corrected.

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