Course Overview

Description: This session covers a host of issues related to life insurance, and goes beyond the basics to give you the tools to help your clients explore various insurance options. You’ll find answers to the following questions: How can permanent life insurance be used to enhance protection? How can we enhance disability income benefits for a working client over and above group disability benefits provided by their employer? Can hybrid policies include additional benefits that enhance clients’ overall risk management program? 

Learning Objectives/Outcomes: After taking this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Discuss term life insurance as an ideal income-replacement tool. 
  2. List ways in which permanent life insurance can be used to enhance that protection when clients have existing policies or for savings. 
  3. Explain how disability insurance can enrich income benefits for a working client along with their group disability from their employer. 
  4. Explain how long-term care can protect clients from running out of assets if they need care. 
  5. Combine LTCi with life or annuity policy creates additional benefits for overall risk management.


Instructor: Mark Maurer

Principle Knowledge Topic: Risk Management and Insurance Planning

CFP® Credits: 1