Course Overview

Description: Have you ever met with a married couple who showed signs of relationship problems? Most financial planners have, but unfortunately, they often don’t serve these couples well. The result is a dip in productivity and loss of revenue. In this session, Dr. Parry presents the research behind the relational and financial gap and explains what every financial planner needs to know to help at-risk couples. You will learn how to help these couples and better understand what you might need to work on in your own relationships as well.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes: After taking this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Help couples get on the same page financially 
  2. Help couples create shared values and goals 
  3. Help couples improve their beliefs about money 
  4. Understand the most common symptoms of relational problems 
  5. Implement DIY solutions to common problems 
  6. Diagnose problems outside of a financial professional’s reach


Instructor: Travis Parry

Principle Knowledge Topic: General Financial Planning Principles

CFP® Credits: 1