Course Overview

Welcome and congratulations on embarking on your hiring journey! In this course, you will find a curation of resources from within and outside of XYPN. You may progress through this course in order, or simply go to the lessons that contain the resources you need. Samples will be in PDF format for you to reference, while templates will be downloadable and editable for your firm's use. 

The Guide to Hiring an Employee is an overview of all of the content contained in this course. Feel free to download the PDF and use the resources linked within. 

Course Content

  • 1


    • Welcome!

  • 2

    Guide to Hiring an Employee

    • Guide to Hiring an Employee

  • 3

    Preparing to Hire

    • Chapter overview

    • Outsourcing and Hiring Decisions in the Launch Phase

    • Blog | Compliance Considerations: Hiring for Your RIA

    • Blog | Building Your Dream Team: A Pick-and-Choose Roster - What Would Arlene Say?

  • 4

    Before Hiring - Career Paths & Determining Costs

    • Determine the anticipated cost

    • Hiring Timeline Template

    • Blog | Designing (Better) Compensation Models That Motivate Employees And Support Advisory Firm Culture

    • Resource | Guide to Financial Planning Career Paths

    • Career Path Template

  • 5

    Job Descriptions

    • Determine what type of candidate you want to hire & craft your job description

    • Check your description and posting for inclusive language

    • Sample_Job_Description_-_Planner

    • Sample_Job_Description_-_CSA

    • Sample_Job_Description_-_Client_Relationship_Manager

    • Internship Job Posting Sample

  • 6

    Posting the Job

    • Locations to post your job opportunity

    • Instructions and Expectations for applicants

    • Recruiting firms if you don't want to DIY

  • 7

    Compliance Resources for Hiring

    • Adding an IAR or Hiring a New Staff Member

  • 8

    Making the Selection

    • Email Templates for Hiring Process

    • Request Work Samples & Conduct Screening Calls.

    • Blog | Using Personality Tests to Create Stronger Teams: What Would Arlene Say?

  • 9

    Sample Interview Questions and Interview Evaluation Rubric

    • Sample Interview Rubric

    • Sample Interview Questions

    • Illegal Interview Questions

    • Additional Interviewing Evaluation Rubric Resources

  • 10

    Making the Offer

    • Reference and background checks

    • Offering the position

    • Offer Letter Template

  • 11

    After Hiring - Onboarding and Documentation

    • Onboarding Plan Templates & Sample 90-day Onboarding Plan

    • New Hire Paperwork

    • Policies and Procedures Manual Template

    • Technology & Office set up

    • Introducing your new team member

    • Teammate Supervision Guide

  • 12

    Additional Resources

    • Additional #XYPNLIVE and webinar resources

    • Independent Contractor Agreement Template

    • Meeting Agenda Ideas

    • Client Transition Plan Template

    • Sample IAR Termination Letter

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