Course Overview

Description: If you’re getting decent website traffic, but not converting that traffic to leads, this course is for you. We walk you through strategies for determining where your site might be missing the mark and guide you in correcting those issues. You’ll learn how to improve your messaging so that it resonates with your target market in a more meaningful way, how to determine whether the ideas you implement are working effectively, what you should expect in terms of traffic and clicks, and much more! 

Learning Objectives/Outcomes: After taking this course, you’ll be able to: 


  1. Test your marketing ideas to determine which features of your website generate more traffic and views.
  2. Determine which of your marketing ideas will benefit your business—before you implement them.  
  3. Improve marketing conversion rates by better understanding what drives prospects to action.
  4. Leverage client motivation to improve your marketing.
  5. Implement strategies for focusing more on client’s emotions related to financial planning.
  6. Gauge site performance in terms of traffic volume, bounce rates, traffic sources, viewer paths, and more. 
  7. Implement website improvement in the areas of navigation, links, website copy, client communication, visitor engagement, plugins, calls to action, and overall messaging. 
  8. Ensure you’re taking a balanced approach to online branding 


Intended Audience: Advisors who want to improve their website conversion rates.