Course Overview

Description: In this webinar, we’ll talk about tax strategies for putting money into multiple savings buckets in order to build flexibility for taking money out later in life. Also discussed will be how to “fill the bracket” as an opportunity to pay tax now, in order to save more tax later. The webinar will include a discussion of current tax brackets and capital gain rates and how they impact tax and retirement planning.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes: After taking this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify retirement planning strategies during accumulation and distribution phase 
  2. Review federal taxation of Social Security Benefits 
  3. Understand the tax benefits of Health Savings Accounts and the role they play in retirement planning 
  4. Identify fling status and planning strategies for surviving spouses 
  5. Utilize marginal tax brackets and capital gains rates in efficient tax management strategies


Instructor: Nancy Freeman

Principle Knowledge Topic: Tax Planning

CFP® Credits: 1