XYPN Annual Benchmarking Study | 2020

Find out how your peers fared in 2020, with info on firm growth, client service, fees and pricing, niche focus, and more.

For the past four years, our Annual Benchmarking Study has offered a window into the firms XYPN advisors are launching, running, and growing. From growth rates to productivity patterns to profitability profiles, this year’s study breaks down the traits and performance metrics for advisors in each growth phase of the firm journey. Whether you use this report to understand the metrics most critical to the phase your practice currently finds itself in or to prepare for the next phase of growth, we hope you find our Benchmarking Study an invaluable tool as you assess your own success, struggles, and goals for the future. Inside the 2020 Benchmarking Study, you’ll find:

  • Average annual revenue and firm growth over time
  • Annual revenue by business phase
  • Niche focus, including prospecting and conversion rates for niche and non-niche firms, and niche categories by business phase
  • Fee types offered by business phase, fee changes, and client productivity by fee type 
  • Client profitability over time
  • Profitability profiles by business phase
  • Productivity trends  
  • Client interactions by business phase
  • And more!