XYPN Annual Benchmarking Study

The 2023 Benchmarking Study survey launches March 21st!

Now in its seventh year, the XYPN Benchmarking Study that measures key information about members’ firms and aggregates that data to show the real-life experience of starting, running, and growing a financial planning firm as a member of XY Planning Network. 

How does the fee-for-service business model work? What is it like to start and grow your firm over time? What are the trends we see in the growth of an average XYPN member's firm?

The survey focuses on revenue and expenses, client services, sources of clients/business, and pricing. Each piece of information is tracked year-over-year to show trends and provide fee-only financial planning firm owners with key metrics to measure their businesses against.

When you complete the Benchmarking Study survey, it's an opportunity for you to pause and examine your business. What is going well? Where can you improve your efficiency and effectiveness? 

You can refer back to this course for tips on data collection, insights from XYPN's expert coaches, and over the summer, for ways to use this experience to grow and improve your business. 

Email Kori Lennon, XYPN's Managing Director of Business Solutions, at kori@xyplanningnetwork.com.

What data do I need?

The XYPN Benchmarking Survey tracks client information and firm revenue information from members over the past four years or since their launch.

  • Annual Revenue & Revenue Mix

  • Client Start Date, Fee Type, and Source

  • Assets Under Management (if applicable)

  • Direct and Overhead Expenses