Course Overview

As a member of XYPN, you have a starting point for adaptability through our turnkey financial planning process. We recommend that you start with the first lesson, which covers reasons to adopt our planning process and helps you articulate what clients can expect in their first few months at your firm. Then, you can navigate through each step of the process from onboarding through initial plan delivery. With a lesson on workflows, you will continue to find efficiencies and identify redundancies in your current processes. As you wrap up these lessons, you will be able to build or refine your existing service calendar.

After taking this course, you’ll be able to implement or adapt XYPN’s Financial Planning Process to fit your business, including:

  • Initial Planning Process Timeline  
  • Templated Meeting Agendas, Emails and Infographics
  • Annual Client Service & Communications Calendars  
  • XYPN Workflow Series