Course Overview

Welcome to XYPN’s 6 Step Sales Process!
This course is designed to present sales process best practices to help XYPN members engage with leads, convert them to prospects, and to secure new clients. 

 XYPN Sale Coach BB Webb guides you in six short videos covering each step of the sales process. This course also includes 18 resources, including email templates, suggested agendas, and worksheets to support your client acquisition process.   

This course provides strategies for:

  1. Generating and following up with leads 
  2. Converting leads to prospects 
  3. Engaging prospects and creating expectations 
  4. Holding Introductory Prospect Fit Meetings
  5. Holding Discovery Meetings
  6. Working to close prospects as clients


Intended Audience: Newly launched advisors and advisors in the implementing business phase who want to hone their overall sales process for greater efficiency and effectiveness.  

Scroll down for a graphic of the XYPN 6 Step Sales Process!