Course Overview

Description: You're a CFP® by trade, but a CIO by default. Managing assets isn't rocket science, but all that other stuff...well, it can get a bit hairy. What parameters should you have around rebalancing? How much due diligence should you be doing on this ETF? All S&P 500 indexes are the same, right? Turns out, there's quite a few boxes you need to be checking. In this session, Mario Nardone of XY Investment Solutions will walk you through a checklist to make sure you are qualified and equipped to integrate investment management into your firm, whether that be on your own or through delegation/outsourcing.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes: After taking this course, participants will be able to:


  1. Ensure your firm’s preparation for integrating investment management 
  2. Understand considerations related to asset management, including outsourcing and delegation


Instructor: Mario Nardone, CFA

Principle Knowledge Topic: Investment Planning

CFP® Credits: 1