Are you in the building phase of your firm journey? If you have 21-75 clients, revenue of around $100,000, and feel like you are starting to hit capacity and aren't sure how to scale, this workshop is designed for you. 

As you grow and evaluate your firm in the Building phase, it is important to take the time to evaluate the essentials, refocus your efforts, and refine your firm’s direction. By attending BUILD, you'll spend two days working on the business instead of in the business.

This two-day, intensive workshop will give you access to the expert coaching, peer support, and best practices you need to successfully build your firm. Each tailored session with XYPN's expert coaches involves active workshopping, breakout conversation, and concrete takeaways. You'll spend significant time working with and learning from your peers in the Building phase.

At the end of the workshop, you will commit to a few key growth goals. To hold you accountable and help you achieve them, two months after BUILD, you will reconnect with the coaches and your peers to share progress and discuss challenges. 

Strategies Designed for Your Growing Firm

  • Expert Coaching & Training

    You will receive tailored trainings and targeted insight from XYPN's expert coaches, who will walk you through worksheets and exercises to take your business to the next level.

  • Peer Support and Networking

    In breakout groups, you will work on exercises with peers and learn from shared experiences. At happy hours, you'll unwind, connect, and build your network of support.

  • Work Time & Accountability

    BUILD pre-work will help you prepare to evaluate and refine in session. You'll identify your focus and commit to goals at the end of BUILD, with goal accountability built in to a follow up meeting.

Ready to BUILD?

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