Resources to Support Your Firm's Journey at Every Phase

We've developed training to support you every step of the way—from preparing for your firm's launch to scaling and refining your business model. Below you'll find links to resources within each of the main phases of business startup and development: 1) Preparing to launch, 2) Implementing and executing your strategy, 3) Building and growing your business, and 4) Scaling your firm.

Preparing Phase

Focus: Registering & Preparing to Launch

The Preparing Phase has two sub phases: Registering and Preparing to Launch. We’ll help you with every step along the way—from preparing and filing your initial registration, identifying your ideal client, and setting up your business to serve your target market. In this phase, you’ll also learn how to create workflows for your firm and how to create an initial marketing strategy.

Implementing Phase

Focus: Launching & Refining

The Implementing Phase has two sub phases: Launching and Refining. This phase is focused on executing your launch strategy, signing your first clients, and implementing your planning process. In this phase, you’ll also learn how to execute your initial marketing plan and how to develop, deliver, and implement an effective financial plan. Finally, we’ll help you get organized and ensure the administrative side of your business is running smoothly.

Building Phase

Focus: Growing & Evaluating

The Building Phase has two sub phases: Growing and Evaluating. This phase is focused on growing your firm to your capacity, identifying your long-term vision, and determining what type of firm you ultimately want to build. We’ll provide specific sales and marketing tactics to accelerate growth, while helping you analyze and improve your service model and meeting structure. At this point you'll also review your practice management strategy, including pricing, KPIs, tech, continuity planning, and more.

Scaling Phase

Focus: Personal Productivity, Business Efficiencies, and Firm Size

The Scaling Phase begins when you have reached your individual capacity as a planner and have identified the type of firm you want to build. The three business types that most scaling firms are building are a solo practice, a boutique firm, or an enterprise business. This phase is all about scaling your business and running your firm as efficiently as possible. We will provide resources to help make strategic business decisions, while continuing to refine your sales, marketing, and processes based on your firm’s growth and specific goals.