Building the Business YOU Want to Create

  • About the Program

    This four-week program, hosted by XYPN Business Coach Arlene Moss, guides you in evolving your business and creating your ideal firm.

  • Who Should Attend

    This program is designed for XYPN members in the Building Phase of their firm's journey.

  • Program Schedule

    Calls are held Mondays at 2 PM MT and program is hosted 3-4 times a year. Sign up by clicking on the link below!

Program Schedule and Registration Info

The next program will be scheduled for October 2021. Join the waitlist to be notified when we schedule the next sessions.  

Week 1 | Prepare & Refine helps you assess your current business and determine how you want to evolve. This is not about learning what you “should” do, but determining what needs to be done to create your ideal firm. This week covers considerations for business operations, KPIs, your role in your ideal business, revisiting your mission and vision, and more. 

Week 2 | Money & People Matters discusses profit margins and the transition from early profit tracking to more robust profit margin goals. We will also evaluate your current team and what the steps are necessary to grow the team you need.

Week 3 | People & Team Matters will help you build the optimal team for your firm. None of the numbers matter if you can’t create a team of people to get the job done in a way that fulfills them and engenders loyalty. We will discuss creating your business’s career paths and nurturing team dynamics for low attrition and strong team performance.

Week 4 | Client Refining & Next Steps begins by examining the traits of your top 10 clients. We’ll look at them in detail to pull out information you can use to refine and narrow the focus of clients you wish to work with. You’ll create a plan for screening future clients and planning appropriate service and engagement levels for a consistent level of service for all clients. We’ll discuss what your next steps are in light of what you’ve learned about your firm and what you want to create as you scale your business.

Weekly Schedule and Time Commitment

Time Commitment | 3-4 hours throughout the week. The more time you put in, the more you will get out!

Live Training (1 hr.)

Individual Execution on Homework Prompts (~3 hrs.)

11:59 pm MT | Homework Due in Forum

11:59 pm MT | Feedback to 4+ Peers Due in Forum (~2 hrs.)

Optional | Work on your Week Reflections