Refine Your Sales Process and Define Your Value

  • About the Program

    With a focus on consultative selling and creating relationships, this program builds on your current skills to help you customize your own sales process, share your value and build your business.

  • Who Should Attend

    This program is designed for XYPN members in the Preparing and Implementing phases, specifically those whose firms are newly or soon-to-be launched. It is also open to other business phase wanting to hone their sales skills.

  • Program Schedule

    This program includes live learnings over five weeks with pre-work assignments, homework and two additional coaching cohort sessions to reinforce the teachings and to build member relationships.

Program Details

Upcoming Programs

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  • June: June 7th - July 12th (No meeting July 5th)
  • September: September 27 - October 25th

What's included in the program?

In this program, each week will build on the next and will include pre-work before the course begins, 5 1.5 hour live meetings, worksheet homework, and 2 small-group coaching sessions during the 5 week period. 

Live learning meetings will include relevant content to assist you in building your own sales process along with experiential exercises to help reinforce the teaching.  

  • Week 1: Knowing Your Why and Who - The Art and Science of Sales
  • Week 2: Lead to Prospect: Creating Flow and Context
  • Week 3: Breakout Groups and Group Coaching Workshop
  • Week 4: Prospect to Client: Matching Behaviors and Bringing Closure
  • Week 5:  Creating Your Plan and Process: Open Coaching

This program will provide you the sales training you need to launch your firm while affirming key steps to sign your first clients, and start building your firm.

What's in it for you?

By participating in the CALL program, you will be able to:

  • Define your target audience (niche)
  • Describe your unique value
  • Outline an effective and efficient sales process 
  • Create effective and targeted conversation flow
  • Confidently ask your prospect for the sale
  • Learn to build out a customized sales plan 
  • Build relationships with other advisors for ongoing support

Who should participate?

The CALL program is for you if:

  • You're in the Preparing or Implementing firm phase
  • You're ready to actively practice sales skills and role play sales scenarios
  • You can commit 3-5 hours per week to participating in meetings, coaching, and homework.

Once You Register: Next Steps

Once enrolled in one of the ‘CALL’ program offerings above, you'll receive immediate access to the course, which will be added to your Academy Dashboard. 

Once in the course, please review the brief video introduction to orient you to the program and complete the short pre-program survey. This survey will help us know where you are with regard to sales experience in your firm.   

Expect an email from XYPN Sales Coach BB Webb two weeks before the program begins to share pre-work and directions on how to register for Zoom and for your two separate coaching cohort sessions held within the 5 weeks.  With any questions, please reach out to BB Webb at