Developing Your COI and Client Referral Network

Three-Week Sales Program for Building Your Referral Network

  • About the Program

    This program will help re-frame your mindset around that art of asking for referrals and give you tools for identifying who your key referral candidates are and how to walk them through your non-invasive referring process.

  • Who Should Attend

    This program is designed for XYPN members in the Implementing through Scaling phase. The programming is best suited for firm owners who have begun to build a book of clients.

  • Program Schedule

    This program includes 3 live learning sessions, pre-work assignments and homework/resources to be completed and/or reviewed with classmates in between sessions.

Program Details

Upcoming Program

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  • Nov. 22, 29 and Dec. 6th 

What's included in the program?

In this program, each week will build on the next and include pre-work before the course begins.  The course consists of 3 - 1.5 hour live learning sessions with worksheet homework/resources included in the course.

Live learning meetings will include relevant content to assist you in building your own referral process along with experiential exercises to help reinforce the teaching.  

This program will provide you the referral sales training steps you need to convert referral prospects to clients and to continue to grow your firm. 

What's in it for you?

By participating in this program, you will be able to:

  • Clarify the impact of a referral network with COIs and clients   

  • Reframe your thinking around asking for referrals to build their business

  • Identify your ideal COI and ‘raving fan’ client referral network 

  • Create a contact list and process for COI and client referral engagement 

  • Put into practice your referral prospecting dialogue/emails in a workshop setting

  • Engage with XYPN members to collaborate after program completion

Who should participate?

This program is for you if:

  • You're in the Implementing, Building or Scaling firm phase

  • You’re eager to re-learn a mindset around referrals to build your business

  • You’re ready to actively practice sales skills and impactful role play sales scenarios

  • You can commit to doing a few hours of preparation pre-work

  • You agree to participating in our live learning sessions and completing on average 2 hours per week of homework/resource review

Class Topics Include:

Class #1:  Reframing Your Referral Mindset

Class #2:  Developing a Referral Process

Class #3:  Goal Setting and Putting Your Referral Process into Action

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Once You Register: Next Steps

Once enrolled in the program, you'll receive immediate access to the course, which will be added to your Academy Dashboard. 

Once in the course, please review the brief video introduction to orient you to the program and complete the short pre-program survey. This survey will help us know where you are with experience in your firm and with regard to a referral sales process. 

Expect an email from XYPN Sales Coach BB Webb two weeks before the program begins to share pre-work and directions on how to register for Zoom. If you have any questions, please reach out to BB Webb at or to