The Growth Workshop

Strategic Marketing for the Modern Advisor

XYPN’s immersive 6-week Growth Workshop will supercharge your marketing by pushing you to be more strategic, take risks, and unveil what makes your firm unique. Use this training to create a roadmap to attract your dream client by leveraging your unique strengths and experiences. The workshop is designed specifically for XYPN members who have used content marketing strategies on their own, learned some lessons, and now want to be more strategic about their efforts.

Open Coaching

Expert coaching on advanced topics every Wednesday from 2-3 PM MT.

Open Coaching offers the opportunity to learn about advanced topics in an interactive environment with your peers and an expert coach. Every Wednesday, one of XYPN’s expert coaches hosts Open Coaching on a specific topic. All members are invited to join these sessions, and four members will receive direct coaching during the hour.


Quarterly events designed for RIAs in the building phase of their firms' journey.

These two-day events include sales and marketing sessions led by XYPN’s Sales Coach and Marketing Coach and financial planning and process sessions led by XYPN’s Financial Planning & Process Coach and Executive Business Coach.

Private Marketing Coaching Program

One-on-one coaching with Marketing Coach Carolyn Dalle-Molle

Private coaching supports XYPN members through advanced marketing decisions. This program allows XYPN members to book one-on-one sessions to tackle specific questions or problems you’re facing with the firm’s growth.