Expert Coaching on Advanced Topics

  • About the Program

    Open Coaching offers the opportunity to be coached (or listen in!) on specific advanced topics in an interactive environment with your peers and an expert coach.

  • Who Should Attend

    The topics for Open Coaching calls are selected for XYPN members in the Building and Scaling Phases of their firm's journey.

  • Program Schedule

    Calls are held on Wednesdays from 2-3 PM MT.

More Details on Open Coaching

Every Wednesday, one of XYPN’s expert coaches hosts Open Coaching on a specific topic. All members are invited to join these sessions, and four members will receive direct coaching during the hour.

You have the option to join in listen-only mode to benefit from the coaching of your peers. This participation is ideal for those who want to learn more about the advanced topic, but either don’t have a direct question today or are at an earlier stage in their firm.

Once you have registered for a call, you will receive a Calendly link via email that you can use to book a 15-minute coaching slot.  You'll receive direct coaching through your question or challenge surrounding the topic of the day. Please only book one 15-minute coaching slot per quarter.

Topics Covered

Business Essentials

Business Plan Template (Revising your Business Plan) 

Internship in a Box (Setting up an Internship Program in your Firm) 

Creating on Organizational Chart & Building Out Team

Contingency & Continuity Planning

KPIs - Profit Margins & Numbers!

Team Communication Issues 

Using the Fee Calculator & Raising Fees 

Time Management

Firing a Client 

Refining the Niche 

COI & Collegial Referral Nurturing 

Planning a Team Retreat


Switch Up Your Newsletter to Get Long-Standing Subscribers to Take Action

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Repurpose 2+ Years of Content in a Strategic Way

Tips for Hiring a Marketer for Longer Term Work

How to Re-Engage Old Contacts Without Being Weird

Get Help Looking at Your Google Analytics Reports

Rethinking Ideal Client After 50+ Clients

Marketing Funnel Analysis: Identify Holes or Opportunities

Switch Up Your Newsletter to Get Long-Standing Subscribers to Take Action

Put Your Marketing Idea to the Test: How to Set Up an Experiment


Embracing the Art of the Sales Process: ‘Spaghetti on the Wall’

Defining Your Prospect Conversation Flow

Retaining Your Client:  Creating a Positive Client Flow Experience

Gaining Referrals from Clients and COIs 

When and How to Raise Your Pricing with Existing Clients 

Revising Your Working Sales Plan Based on Your Current Growth Goals

How To Participate

  • Register to Attend Open Coaching Hours (Required)

    Use the link above to register to attend any Open Coaching sessions that interest you.

  • Book a Coaching Slot (Optional)

    Book one of four 15-minute coaching slots (via the Calendly link above) to get on the mic.

  • Or Just Listen In!

    You can also join in listen-only mode to benefit from the conversation.