Client Acquisition Launch Lab (CALL) with Sales Coach BB Webb

Four-Week Sales Program Hosted Each Month

Designed for XYPN members who are preparing to launch their firms, this program will provide you the sales skills you need to define your niche, start building your firm, sign your first clients, and begin sharing your value.

Open Coaching

Expert coaching on advanced topics every Wednesday from 2-3 PM MT.

Open Coaching offers the opportunity to learn about advanced topics in an interactive environment with your peers and an expert coach. Every Wednesday, one of XYPN’s expert coaches hosts Open Coaching on a specific topic. All members are invited to join these sessions, and four members will receive direct coaching during the hour.

Firm Launch Coaching Series

Group coaching calls to help you launch your firm

XYPN’s Firm Launch Coaching Series provides you access to group coaching calls led by our team of Marketing, Sales, Financial Planning, and Executive Business Coaches. Each month we present a new call series designed for firms who have recently launched.


Quarterly events designed for RIAs in the building phase of their firms' journey.

These two-day events include sales and marketing sessions led by XYPN’s Sales Coach and Marketing Coach and financial planning and process sessions led by XYPN’s Financial Planning & Process Coach and Executive Business Coach.